We at Revonextsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Company), would like to warn, request and inform you that Please be Aware of the Job Brokers, Placement Agencies and Individual Fraud Career Consultants, those who posts various job opportunities on behalf of our Company in social media or any such kind of advertisements in various Job Portals and Entice the Job Seekers/ Parents / Guardians by Promising them a Career Opportunity in our Revonextsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Company and it’s subsidiaries.
Revonextsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. And its subsidiaries Never Charge / Accept any Processing Fees or Recruitment Fees or Security Deposits in Exchange for Interview Calls or Interview related Call Letters or Offer Letters. From Job seekers During the Entire Recruitment / Hiring Process/ Processes.
We follow a Very Strict and Complete Merit-Based Employee Recruitment Practice with Several Qualitative Interviews and very Serious Extensive Screening Steps with Complete Stages of Back Ground Verification both Pre-Offer and Post-Offer checks and followed by Post-Joining BGV to Hire the Prospective Employees.
It is being observed that after the COVID-19, Pandemic as many Companies Offering WFH or WFO or Hybrid Mode of Employment there has been an increase in recruitment fraud involving scammers who post fraudulent jobs openings, or who contact job-seekers with fake job offers.

These individuals or Group of JOB Brokers, even conduct fraudulent interviews From Mobile Phones or Land Phones or IP Based Callings or WhatsApp Chats or Calls with an attempt to obtain Personal Information or Extract / Charges Money from the Job Seekers / Applicants by giving them wrong information that they (Frauds) are the Part of our Company and Give the False Promise of Getting Online interviews done and issue instant offers.


In case you or any candidate receives any unsolicited or fraudulent communication regarding a job offer or an interview call against payment of money or any valuable assets mortgage, please stay ALERT and CONSIDER it as a SCAM.


On receipt of an interview call, to prevent falling victim to the same, the candidate may take some Check Measures such as visiting Our Official website  (https://revonextsoft.com/ https://revonextsoft.online )to verify the source and authenticity.

Recruitment Fraud Identification Facts.

  • Revonextsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. never requests for fees for any purpose during or after the hiring process.
    The hiring process involves at least Three Rounds of Interviews (virtual or in-person). We Do not request for an interview via any instant messaging applications Such as WhatsApp / Wechat etc.

    Revonextsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Recruitment team corresponds from email addresses with the domain “@revonextsoft.com / @revonextsoft.online”.
    However, there is also a possibility of scammers to display the sent email domain address as “@revonextsoft.com / @revonextsoft.online” fraudulently. By using any 3rd party hacking applications which is a very unethical practice.

    Revonextsoft Does not use any free and public domain email ids for any of its business as well as recruitment Process such as GMAIL/ YAHOO / REDIFF/OUTLOOK/MAIL and so many like this… If you are getting any such from the scammers, please visit the Cyber Crime Cells nearby you.

    In case you are getting such Interview Calls / offers, then come to our office to check or send us the email to our official email ids to check and verify the same whether it is a Genuine or a Fake. If it will be a Fake, then please give your complaint to the nearest Police Station or Contact the Cyber Crime Cells directly against such Frauds with the financial transactions you made to them. We are not at all Responsible for any such activities done by the scammers by any means. That risk is entirely bearable by the Applicants for any Monetary or Personal losses.

     In case any generic email ID ending with Gmail/Yahoo domain is copied while receiving a job offer or interview call, please be alert on the likelihood of a scammer.

    The Revonextsoft Recruitment team does not request or require personal documents like bank account details, UPI Ids or tax forms or credit card information of yours or any of your relatives and friends as part of the recruitment process.
    If you believe you have been a victim of a recruitment fraud, you are requested to approach the law enforcement agencies immediately.



  1. We use only our domain Email ids ends with @revonextsoft.com for all the communications.

  2. The Job Applicant should apply their profiles/Resume/CV directly to our official mail ids i.e. jobs@revonextsoft.com / hrd@revonextsoft.com

  3. After all the rounds of successful selection process, the applicant needs to sign the BGV form along with the relevant documents and need to submit their all educational and previous employment related documents to get the offer from Revonextsoft.

  4. Most Importantly, Please Be Noted That, Offer Letter is NOT AT All VALID without the Seal and Signature from our Company Authorized signatory and should also be signed by the selected Candidate and should be Emailed to the candidates Personal Email IDs from our Company Mail Domain Only.

  5. Even if you got the Offer via email or collected the Hard copy from our Company, then kindly Check the Seal, Signature and all Relevant joining formalities Documents along with the Offer.

  6. The Unsigned Offer is not at all Valid at cost via any Means.

  7. Even Some times, To recruit the Prospective Candidate, Our Company Might issue the Temporary Offer without Seal and Signature to read and understand the Salary Details and other Employment Related Terms and Conditions. Kindly Do not At All Consider or Recognise as your Original Offer. So Please be sure that it is not acceptable via us as it is or was just a format to know the concerns.

  8. Even After getting your Sealed and Signed Authenticated Offer, If we feel that we do not have such positions for you due to some circumstances, then we are not liable for the same. So be sure that Your Offer Can be withdrawn without any Notice and Communications at any point of time before your joining ,if we feel to do So.

  9. We are not at all Responsible for your Loss if any cancellations happened before your Joining.

  10. We send the Offer Via Company Domain Emails to the candidate’s Personal Email after the final approval from our Senior Management Levels. So Please Note that the Hard Copy of your Offer is invalid and No Values without the Seal and Signature of the Concerned Authority and you can not Claim it at all by any means and we are not Responsible for this. The Offer should be sent via Email Only.

  11. Our Offer Emails sent to candidate is always encrypted and protected by Username and Password. If you did not Receive it from our end, then treat it as Scam by the Frauds.

  12. If You Suspect a Fake Offer Letter, Then Contact Us Immediately via Sending Us the email along with the concern letter/ letters to offer.verify@revonextsoft.com

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